Илья Дронов (igrick) wrote in cosysoftware_en,
Илья Дронов

LiveJournal.app — next steps

Folks, I'm almost near to LiveJournal.app v.0.6.0 release and have a huge amount of work done already. Some details:

  • application architecture is totally rebuild (it took more time I mentioned before, it's like building new application, so — sorry for delay), which means that application will works stable in current 3.0 and next firmwares during usage;
  • no more memory leaks, so application will not crashes or freeze iPhone in case of long usage or posting a lot of pictures;
  • I've requested and made a lot of changes to LiveJournal XML-RPC API, which gives me ability to implement into LiveJournal.app features like friends page reading and commenting.

Now, in case of basic work is done at the moment, I have only interface works left, and will keep you up-to-date with my progress by posting some screenshots and asking for your mind about some features realization...

What's new will be available within next release:

  • friends-page reading;
  • commenting in your Journal or Friends Entries;
  • more than one draft entry support;
  • friending/defrending support;
  • all known bugs fixed.

Also, features I'm working on for releases after next:

  • notifications support via Push technology (like iPhone Mail);
  • reading any journal (I mean not friends-page only);
  • commenting any entry;
  • profile editing support;
  • may be even friending via bluetooth :)

I also want to ask you about some help to speed-up LiveJournal API and LiveJournal.app development by supporting (donating actually) project via Virtual Gifts (I hope it's the best way). I have made three virtual gifts and put it to LiveJournal vGifts Shop in Gift section: LiveJournal.app Bronze, Silver and Gold pencils (for $1, $2 and $5 accordingly).

You can send this gifts to this community, me, yourself or anybody you want, it does not matter (but I'll be happy to get it in community of course). Also — all user who sent at least one LiveJournal.app virtual gift will receive a special «thank you» inside LiveJournal.app represented as special splash screen of your LiveJournal.app, which will depends on sent vGift. For Gold users it will looks like this:

P.S. Users who donate this project already will receive this gifts from me. Please, just tell me your usernames. Nothing forgotten, nobody forgotten...

Also, to be honest, if I got enough amount of vGifts I'll be able to make a deal with LiveJournal.com owners to implement various storages for pictures...

Thanks for everyday LiveJournal.app usage.

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