Илья Дронов (igrick) wrote in cosysoftware_en,
Илья Дронов

LiveJournal.app has been updated to 0.5.4

The new version have next new features and fixes:

  • new style, the present from the TurboMilk company;
  • now you can specify image quality for uploading to ScrapBook (at Image section of Settings tab);
  • now you can take picture with camera without quitting application by holding the Photo button at formatting menu for a one second (not available on iPod Touch due to lack of camera);
  • auto-correction switch at Settings is deprecated due to existence such switch at the iPhone Settings;
  • now you can type your entries in more comfortable horizontal mode by turning you iPhone/iPod to the long side;
  • now you can add link to your friend journal, without typing his username, by holding the User button at formatting menu for a one second;
  • this mode also available for private message composer;
  • new alignment control buttons added to the formatting menu;
  • some bugs are fixed.

If you have found any bugs or errors — please, let me know, i'll fix it within the next release.

Tags: iphone, livejournal.app, update
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