Илья Дронов (igrick) wrote in cosysoftware_en,
Илья Дронов

LiveJournal.app v.0.5.3.

LiveJournal.app v.0.5.3 is still (already more than three days) waiting approve from AppStore.

While it not published, i'll tell what's new in this version:

  • Broken (pink) image bug for non-camera images (from itunes or web) fixed;
  • Application more stable with the operations of receiving and sending messages (it means no more crashes while sending messages, and normal displaying messages with extra symbols like quotes);
  • Drafts with photos now saving much faster;
  • Uploading progress bar now more truthful;
  • Some minor features added.

Also i found strange bug with AppStore. When i publish new update to AppStore for review, current version of application (which was available in iTunes before update) rolling back to 0.5.0. I don't know why. In this situation AppStore application on iPhone/iPod displaying budge with update, but you can't update to lower version. If it is happen with you — please, just wait for update to be approved.

P.S. My English is now very well now, but i'm learning. Thank you for understanding.

Tags: livejournal.app
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