Илья Дронов (igrick) wrote in cosysoftware_en,
Илья Дронов

LiveJournal.app 0.5.1 Release

Tags: livejournal.app, update

  • LiveJournal.app v.0.6.0

    Folks, as you probably already know, LiveJournal.app v.0.6.0 was released few weeks ago. The only problem here — you will not see the update via…

  • LiveJournal.app v.0.6 — Friends Page

    As I promised before, I'm keeping you up-to-date with my progress with LiveJournal.app update development. Today I'll show you the Friends Page.…

  • LiveJournal.app — next steps

    Folks, I'm almost near to LiveJournal.app v.0.6.0 release and have a huge amount of work done already. Some details: application architecture is…

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