• igrick v.0.6.0

Folks, as you probably already know, v.0.6.0 was released few weeks ago. The only problem here — you will not see the update via iTunes because now published by LiveJournal itself instead of my iTunes account, so it means you need to remove current application and download the new one.

Here is a link for v.0.6.0 —

New major features:

  • Friends Page are now available;
  • You are now available to make first level comments for Friends entries; (comments reading still not ready)
  • Now you can make as much Drafts as you want;
  • Now you able to edit your Journal entries;
  • Now you able to create Polls in entries;

Your comments and bugs-reports will be really helpful.

Also — Gold, Silver and Bronze pencils on startup screen will be available starting next update.

  • igrick — next steps

Folks, I'm almost near to v.0.6.0 release and have a huge amount of work done already. Some details:

  • application architecture is totally rebuild (it took more time I mentioned before, it's like building new application, so — sorry for delay), which means that application will works stable in current 3.0 and next firmwares during usage;
  • no more memory leaks, so application will not crashes or freeze iPhone in case of long usage or posting a lot of pictures;
  • I've requested and made a lot of changes to LiveJournal XML-RPC API, which gives me ability to implement into features like friends page reading and commenting.

Now, in case of basic work is done at the moment, I have only interface works left, and will keep you up-to-date with my progress by posting some screenshots and asking for your mind about some features realization...

What's new will be available within next release:

  • friends-page reading;
  • commenting in your Journal or Friends Entries;
  • more than one draft entry support;
  • friending/defrending support;
  • all known bugs fixed.

Also, features I'm working on for releases after next:

  • notifications support via Push technology (like iPhone Mail);
  • reading any journal (I mean not friends-page only);
  • commenting any entry;
  • profile editing support;
  • may be even friending via bluetooth :)
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Thanks for everyday usage.

  • igrick is now available via iTunes again

It's looks like I've solved problems with my iTunes account. Now, I hope, you are able to download via iTunes.
Please, let me know is everything okay or not.

P.S. It took a long time because of I have no Apple Store here in Russia to buy iPhone developer license, and need to send some faxes to Apple Support, and they parse it to slow... But, anyway, it's done and I'm happy ;)

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Another problem

LiveJournal have a some problems with ScrapBook at the moment and you'll be not able to post photos via application :(
I'm trying to do something with it, so I'll update all of you when situation will changes.

What a mess...

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Is v.0.5.5 required?

I know that many of you tired to wait a new version of (v.0.6) which will support Friends Page reading and commenting, but I want you to know and be sure that I'm working on it.

I also know that current version have some bugs which may be significant for some users. In case of this, I want to ask — should I release intermediate version (0.5.5) with bug fixes (probably it will postpone v.0.6 for one or two weeks) or current bugs are not significant and I can concentrate on v.0.6 to launch it as soon as possible? Please, vote.

Poll #1401945 Is 0.5.5 required?

Is intermediate version with bug fixes required or it possible to wait with fixes till 0.6 with Friends Page and Commenting support?

Current bugs are significant for me;
Current bugs are not significant for me;
I've not found any bugs in current version;
I don't care about it;