Another problem

LiveJournal have a some problems with ScrapBook at the moment and you'll be not able to post photos via application :(
I'm trying to do something with it, so I'll update all of you when situation will changes.

What a mess...

ITunes " is no longer available" message

Folks, I've got a some problems with my iTunes account and you will not be able to install via iTunes within next few days.
I hope to fix this problem during next week and will make an additional post when it will be done.

Sorry for any inconvenience I have made.

Is v.0.5.5 required?

I know that many of you tired to wait a new version of (v.0.6) which will support Friends Page reading and commenting, but I want you to know and be sure that I'm working on it.

I also know that current version have some bugs which may be significant for some users. In case of this, I want to ask — should I release intermediate version (0.5.5) with bug fixes (probably it will postpone v.0.6 for one or two weeks) or current bugs are not significant and I can concentrate on v.0.6 to launch it as soon as possible? Please, vote.

Poll #1401945 Is 0.5.5 required?

Is intermediate version with bug fixes required or it possible to wait with fixes till 0.6 with Friends Page and Commenting support?

Current bugs are significant for me;
Current bugs are not significant for me;
I've not found any bugs in current version;
I don't care about it;
53(8.4%) has been updated to 0.5.4

What's new in 0.5.4?Collapse )

If you have found any bugs or errors — please, let me know, i'll fix it within the next release. 0.5.3

The update number 0.5.3 is now available at AppStore.
Changes are described in previous entry.


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