Илья Дронов (igrick) wrote in cosysoftware_en,
Илья Дронов

LiveJournal.app v.0.6.0

Folks, as you probably already know, LiveJournal.app v.0.6.0 was released few weeks ago. The only problem here — you will not see the update via iTunes because LiveJournal.app now published by LiveJournal itself instead of my iTunes account, so it means you need to remove current application and download the new one.

Here is a link for v.0.6.0 — http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/livejournal/id383091547?mt=8.

New major features:

  • Friends Page are now available;
  • You are now available to make first level comments for Friends entries; (comments reading still not ready)
  • Now you can make as much Drafts as you want;
  • Now you able to edit your Journal entries;
  • Now you able to create Polls in entries;

Your comments and bugs-reports will be really helpful.

Also — Gold, Silver and Bronze pencils on startup screen will be available starting next update.

Tags: livejournal.app, news, update
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